Air Duct Cleaning Service Overview

Air Duct Cleaning Service Overview

Air duct cleaning is an often over-looked service. While not glamorous, it’s undoubtedly necessary if you want to ensure the ducts in your home or business continue to function as they’re supposed to by allowing air to flow in and out with ease. A blockage or obstruction in an air duct or vent could cause serious damage and if you don’t flush it out quickly, it could cost a lot of money in repairs. Thankfully, there are air duct cleaning service providers and contractors that can maintain the ducts and keep your equipment in working order for years to come.

Standard Air Duct Cleaning

An unfortunate truth about air ducts is that since you don’t see them on a daily basis, you tend to forget about them altogether. This is a crucial mistake, since while you can’t see them, they’re performing a vital function. And though it might seem like air duct cleaning is just a matter of removing dirt and debris, it’s actually much more important than that. A build up of dirt and other material in air ducts can put your health at risk.

Don’t believe me? If you fail to clean your air ducts, they can build up all sorts of unsavory contaminants, dust and dirt being the most minor of culprits. The things you have to be concerned about include mildew, mold, grease, fungi, bacteria, and soot, all of which are filtered through the ducts and get dispersed into the air. Failing to hire air duct cleaning services could cause sick building syndrome, wherein indoor air is much more dangerous to breathe than outdoor air. In fact, according to the American Lung Association, the standard air duct prior to cleaning is covered with more germs and contaminants than a chicken coop. Can you believe that? Disgusting!

On top of that, the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA notes that indoor air may contain 70% more pollutants and contaminants than outdoor air. And you can safely bet this is largely to blame on filthy air ducts.

Thankfully, air duct cleaning is a straightforward process that doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. By using an organic cleaning solution, the dangerous contaminants are removed and the air is safer to breathe in your home or business. It’s important to hire a professional to perform these services, however, to prevent the sudden dispersal of mold into the air. Air duct cleaning contractors always wear protective gear including a facial respirator to protect themselves from inhaling these substances. That’s why you’d never want to complete this task on your own.

Dryer Duct Cleaning

The dangerous build up of contaminants and dust doesn’t limit itself to just air ducts, however. You may also need to hire a contractor to take on dryer duct cleaning. Also known as dryer vents, these ducts can be dangerous for the same reason as air ducts can be dangerous. They build up a thick layer of dust, dirt, and debris, and can block proper airflow. However, dryer duct cleaning is important for more than just cleanliness. If there’s a large build up of dust and lint, it could block airflow so much that the heat of the dryer causes the lint to ignite and a fire breaks out. As you can imagine, this is very dangerous. But even a small obstruction or build up of lint could simply make your dryer work less efficiently, meaning you’d have to run it for several cycles to dry your clothes. Over time, this could cost you a significant amount of money in energy bills.

On a related note, a similar service you may need is vent hood cleaning. This can be found on dryers and in kitchens where exhaust fans are located. In any case, you’ll probably want to have vent hood cleaning performed as well while technicians are in your home or place of business. At the end of the day, making a small investment to have dryer duct cleaning services performed on your dryer is well worth it to save you money in the long run and to protect your family.

Chimney Cleaning

You might not think it’s related, but chimney cleaning is another service beneath the air duct umbrella that you should consider having performed in your home or business on a regular basis. A build up of soot can be hazardous to your health. Likewise, a big enough build up, or even a blockage like a bird’s nest, can cause the smoke to funnel back down into your home, sending toxic fumes right into your lungs. Even worse, it could cause a chimney fire, which puts your entire house at risk.

Maintaining your home or business requires that you pay attention to all ventilation systems including ducts, vents, and chimneys. With air duct cleaning services, you’re certain to cover all of these aspects and keep the space clean and safe.

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