Chimney Cleaning

What is it?

Atlanta Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning offers a chimney cleaning is when we sweep from the inside of the home up the flue to the cap or top of the chimney, and an inspection.  For heavy creosote deposits the professional strength liquid creosote remover would be required.  When used as directed, this creosote remover’s catalytic action is activated at 256 degrees Fahrenheit and will not harm catalytic converters.  This product is non-toxic and environmentally safe.


How do we do it?
  • We first select proper size nylon, poly or natural bristle chimney brush to clean the liner
  • The brush head passes throughout the complete length of the liner, including the connectors, terminals and tees
  • This loosens all blockages, soot, and creosote deposits
  • All debris is suctioned through a HEPA vacuum
  • A full chimney inspection is performed

Why do I need this?


The National Fire Protection Association says, "Chimneys, fireplaces, and vents shall be cleaned at least once a year for soundness, freedom from deposits, and correct clearances. Cleaning, maintenance, and repairs shall be done if necessary." This is the national safety standard and is the correct way to approach the problem. It takes into account the fact that even if you don't use your chimney much, animals may build nests in the flue or there may be other types of deterioration that could make the chimney unsafe to use. There are more than 26,000 fires caused annually due to chimneys. The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends that fireplaces should be swept at 1/8" of sooty buildup, and sooner if there is any glaze present in the system.  This is considered to be enough fuel buildup to cause a chimney fire capable of damaging the chimney or spreading to the home. Factory-built fireplaces should be swept when any appreciable buildup occurs. The logic is that the deposit is quite acidic and can shorten the life of the fireplace. Warning Signs


  • You have just moved into a house with a fireplace or a stove that you are planning to keep and use
  • Your chimney is having performance issues such as poor oxygen draw
  • Your fireplace has an odor
  • There is a visible build up of creosote which may appear as shiny, flaky, or sticky residue inside the flue
“Every year in the US, homeowners lose over 200 million dollars as a result of continuing to use unsafe chimney systems.”-CPSA (Consumer Product Safety Administration)

Take advantage of our $109.99 Chimney Cleaning Special by filling out the form on the right, or by calling 678-298-0304. 


  • Have your chimney cleaned yearly if necessary. Your family deserves it.
  • Tree and branches hanging over the chimney are dangerous. Always keep them trimmed.
  • Bricks and mortar aren’t waterproof. Fact they soak up moisture like a sponge. After years of this they start to erode and put your chimney safety at risk.
  • The chimney place seems like a great place to put decoration . DON’T DO IT- they are too often flammable. Keep the area free of anything other then fireplace equipment.
  • I hope you never have fire to detect, but smoke detectors are a necessity just in case. Be sure to test the smoke detectors once a month and replace the batteries once a year.
  • Does a clothes dryer have a chimney ? You bet - the vent that runs from your home dryer to the outdoors.
    Do they ever clogged up! Ask our professionals to check yours over. He will inspect it and clean it if necessary.
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